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C Battery Valorous Unit Award

General Order Number 3550
22 December 1971 TC 439.
The following AWARD is announced.

By direction of the Secretary of the Army, under the provision of paragraph 202. lg (2), AR 672-5-1, The Valorous UNIT AWARD is awarded to the following named units of the United States Army for extraordinary heroism while engaged in military operations during the period indicated:

Battery C, 1ST Battalion, 92ND Artillery and it's assigned and attached units:

Liaison Team, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 1ST Battalion, 92ND Artillery 120 Section, Battery B, 4TH Battalion, 60TH Artillery.

The Citation reads as follows:

Battery C and the Artillery Liaison Team of the 1ST Battalion, 92ND Artillery, and the 120 Section Battery B, 4TH Battalion, 60TH Artillery distinguished themselves by extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed hostile force from 15 to 21 March 1971 while participating in the defense of Phu Nhon District, Republic of Vietnam.

Beginning with a concentrated sapper and rocket/mortar attack on the artillery compound (LZ T. C. Miller) and co-located ARVN/MACV compound, the enemy force began a 5 Day siege that was to tax the energy, determination and the resources of these Valiant artillery men. Although repulsed by the artillery compound, sappers penetrated the MACV/ARVN compound and were able to lodge themselves in buildings and bunkers during the first 16 hours of combat, forcing the Liaison Team to pursue their mission while fighting to defend themselves, often making radio transmission from an exposed position.

During the course of the siege the artillerymen from LZ Weight Davis and LZ Lonely fired over 900 rounds of close-in support for Phu Nhon, and defensive fires for AVAN and U. S. relief columns attempting to break the siege. Utilizing gunships, tactical air, and their own resources, and taxed by virtue of an inability to effect even air resupply until 18 March, the men of C Battery and the Liaison Team, 1ST Battalion, 92ND Artillery and 120 Section Battery B, 4TH Battalion, 60TH Artillery showed indomitable courage while withstanding virtually constant enemy bombardment, sniper fire and ground probes.

Their stamina, devotion to duty and professional excellence reflect the greatest credit upon themselves, their units and United States Army.

See Map Number: MAP 6636-3


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