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Table of Distribution 'F' Btry

1ST Battalion, 92D Artillery

4 June 1967

APO 96318

AVGG-BJ-CO                                       4 June 1967

SUBJECT: Table of Distribution F Battery

TO: Commanding Officer
    52d Artillery Group
    APO 96318

    1. The responsibility for F Battery, 105mm howitzer towed, has been assigned to this Battalion by your headquarters. The four howitzers, less vehicles, section equipment and personnel were transferred to us.

    2. As a matter of policy, the three artillery batallions within group have been levied to provide personnel for F Battery. This has resulted in loss of identity of the personnel and a complete absence of promotion allocations; consequently the morale of the unit has been low. Additionally, no battalion provided their best personnel for this mission.

    3. Since this battalion has taken over the resonsibility for F Battery, we have assigned from battalion assests one executive officer, a cheif of guns and seven cannoneers. We have made the battery a part of this battalion and given up some battalion promotions to promote worthy personnel in F Battery. This is an acceptable interim measure, but certainly should not be considered as a permanent solution. Members of battalion fire direction center perform the fire direction mission for F Battery. This has proven to be a serious problem at times when additional FDCs had to be established in the field when a battery was split.

    4. The mission of furnishing fire support for the defense of the Pleiku Area and additional mission of fire support are continuous requirements. Therefore, it is recommended that the Table of Distribution attached be approved and authority for requisitioning of personnel and equipment be authorized. The number of prsonnel, grade structure, and equipment is modest, but is the minimum required to accomplish the assigned missions.


COL, Artillery

1 Incl
1 Ltrs T.D. F Btry

(note: Table of Distribution related to was not provided)


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