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Operational Reports/Lessons Learned


1 Feb '70 to 30 Apr '70

APO 96318

AVFA_ATO_OP                                       30 APRIL 1970

SUBJECT: Operational Report of the 1st Battalion, 1st Battalion, 92d Artillery for Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS, CSFOR-65 (R2) (U)

Assisand Chief of Staff for Force Development
Department of the Army
Washington, D.C. 20310

1. (C) Section1, Operations: Significant Activitics.

a. General:

The 1st Battalion, 92d Artillery is comprised of a Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, Service Battery, and three 155mm (M114A1) Towed howitzer batteries, (Incl 1).

b. Intelligence:

(1) Intelligence is disseminated through a daily intelligence summary. Information for summary is obtained from S-2, 52d Artillery Group: Company B, 5th Special Forces Group; and S-2 Pleiku Sector. Intelligence is also gathered from the battalion liaison sections, currently with the 2d ARVN Ranger Group and the45th ARV N Regiment; from organic and OPCON units, who coordinate with co-located US and RVNAF units; and from forward obser- ver teams.

(2) The battalion provides one aerial obser- ver who is under control of the 52d Artillery Group. The aerial observer provides visual reconnaissance, target acquisition, convoy air cover and conducts registrations.

(3) The battalion placed FO teams in the field to fill 14 requests during the reporting period. All of these teams were deployed with RVNAF units. The FO teams supplied by the Battalion came into contact with enemy forces several times during the reporting period. During April, battalion forward observer teams operating in the Ben Het,Dak Soang (?)area suffered 1 KIA and 5 WIA.

(a) 24 Feb, one team with 1/14 ARVN CAV (Tan Canh)

(b) 4 Feb-2 Mar, two teams with 4th MSF Bn (Dak Pek)

(C) 14-11 Mar, one team with the 1st MSF Bn (Ben Het)

(d) 28 Feb-14 Mar, one team with 1st Recon Co MSF (Ploi Mrong)

(e) 6-8 Mar, one team with 24th STZ (Operation Tat Taang II)

(F) 10-31 Mar, one team with 4th MSF Bn (Ben Het)

(g) 7-13 April, two teams 3d ARVN Rng Group (Dak Soang)

(h) 11 April-Present, one team 11th ARVN Rng Group (Dak Soang)

(i) 10-13 April, one team with 42d ARVN Regiment (Dak Soang)

(j) 14-16 April, one team with 4/47 ARVN Regt (Dak Soang)

(k) 16-22 April, one team with 3/42 ARVN Regt (Dak Soang)

(l) 20-22 April, one team with 4/42 ARVN Regt (Dak Soang)

(4) Radar: A PPS-5 ground surveillance radar is employed at Plei Nrong to assist the battalion in target acquisition. The radar detachment from the 9/26 TAB is OPCON to 1st Battalion, 92d Artillery.

(5) The battalion mans and maintains 11 bunkers for perimeter defense of Artillery Hill. On 15 March 70 the battalion gained responsibility of 4 bunkers from 3d Bn 6th Artillery, bringing the total to 11 bunkers.

c. Operations and Training

(1) Plans

(a) On 1 Feb 70 the battalion area of operation was Dak To and Dak Sut Districts in Kontum Province. The battalion headquarters was located at Artillery Hill (ZA220535). A forward command post at Tan Canh (ZA 053217), an located with the 42d
ARVN Regiment) tactically controlled organic and OPCON units, and coordinated all fire support for Dak To and Dak Sut districts.

(b) With the inactivation of the 3d Battalion 6th Artillery and adjustment of 52d Artillery Group assets, the 1st Battalion 92d Artillery assumed a new area of operation and a new mission. On 27 March 70 Pleiku Province became the battalion area of operation, with a mission of general support of US, RVNAF and FWMAF. On 20 Mar 70, 1st Battalion 92d Artillery turned over control of Dak To
and Dak Sut districts to the 6th Battalion 14th Artillery.

(2) Operations

(a) On 1 Feb 70 the three organic 155MM (M114A1) towed howitzor batteries of the battalion were deployed as follows:

(1) Battery A, was OPCON to the3d Battalion 6th Artillery. Battery A (-) at Plei Mrong (ZA114671) (OPCON from 24 Dec 69 to 27 Feb 70) and Battery A (Plt) at Artillery Hill (ZA225536) (OPCON from 4 Aug 69 to 27 Feb 70). Both had a mission of general support to US, RVNAF and FWMAF.

(2) Battery B remained under control of 1st Battalion 92d Artillery until 20 Feb 70 when it became OPCON to the 6th Battalion 14th Artillery. Battery B (-) at FSB #6 (YB 934187) and Battery B (Plt) at FSB #12, Ben Het (YB 869256). Their mission was general support of US, RVMAF and FWMAF. Battery B made no moves from 1 Feb 70 to 30 Apr 70.

(3) Battery C was OPCON to the 3d Battalion 6th Artillery. Battery C was located on 1 Feb 70 at Blackhawk (BR 420465) (OPCON from 31 Jan 70 to 27 Feb 70), mission, general support US, RVNAF and FWMAF.

(b) The following units were placed OPCON to this battalion during the periods indicated:

(1) Battery B, 6th Battalion 14th Artillery at Ben Het (YB 869256), General Support, (25 Jul 69 to 20 Feb 70).

(2) Battery A, 3d Battalion 6th Artillery at Artillery Hill (ZA 225536), GS, Pleiku area defense (27 Feb 70 to 28 Feb 70).

(3) Battery A (plt) 3d Battalion 6th Artillery at Artillery Hill (ZA225536), GS, Pleiku area defense (28 Feb 70 to 2 Mar 70).

(4) Battery A, 6th Battalion, 14th Artillery at Oasis (ZA 114275), GS, (27 Feb 70 to present).

(5) Battery C (Plt) (175mm), 6th Battalion, 14th Artillery at Weigt Davis (AR 990117), GS priority of fires to 24th STZ, (30 Mar 70 to 6th Apr 70).

(6) Battery A (plt), 7th Battalion 13th Artillery at Plei Mrong (ZA 114671), GS, (5 Apr 70 to present). On 8 Apr 70 two additional 105mm howitzers of A 7/13 joined A (plt) at Plei Mrong making A Btry (-), 7/13 Artillery.

(7) Battery C (plt) (8", 175mm), 7th Battalion 15th Artillery at Artillery Hill and LZ Blackhawk (BR 038538) GS (8 April 70 to present).

(c) Significant Activities

(1) On 1 Feb 70 the battalion operated a forward command post at Tam Canh and was onguard in action against hostile forces in the area of operations of the 24th Special Tactical Zone, II Corps T(?)AOR.

(2) The battalion tactically controlled the following units:

(a) Battery B, 1st Battalion 92d Artillery at FSB 6 (YB 934187) and FSB 12 at Ben Het (YB 869256).

(b) Battery B, 6th Battalion, 14th Artillery at FSB 12, Ben Het (YB869256).

(3) On 1 Feb 70 C (plt) 1/92 moved by road from Blackhawk (BR 038538) to Camp Fidel (BR 898403) enroute to LZ Abby (BR 747818). On 2 Feb they continued from Camp Fidel by road to LZ Abby.

(4) 10 Feb 70 the 1/92 Artillery Metro Section ceased operation at LZ Plantation (ZB156065) and displaced to Artillery Hill where they resumed operations the following day.

(5) 15 Feb 70 two howitzers from C (-) 1/92 moved by road from Blackhawk to Camp Fidel enroute to LZ Suzy (BR 575897).

(6) 16 Feb 70 C (plt) 1/92 at Camp Fidel and C (plt) 1/92 at LZ Abby were airlifted to LZ Suzy leaving C (-) 1/92 at LZ Suzy. Their mission was general support reinforcing, OPCON to 7/15 Artillery, in a 4th Division operation directed against the 247th NVA Transportation Battalion at general grid BR5678.

(7) 20 Feb 70 at 0001H, 1/92 Artillery FWD CP was released from their mission of fire coordination in Dak To and Dak Sut Districts
by the 6/14 Artillery. 1/92 FWD CP returned to Artillery Hill. B 1/92 became OPCON to 6/14 Artillery.

(8) The 1/92 regained without an area of operation with its organic firing batteries OPCON to 3/6 Artillery, 6/14 Artillery and 7/15 Artillery from 20 Feb 70 to 27 Feb 70.

(9) 22 Feb 70 C (plt) 1/92 moved by road from Blackhawk to Artillery Hill and a (plt) 1/92 moved by road from Artillery Hill to Weigt
Davis (AR 900117) where they relieved A (plt) 3/6 Artillery and asummed their mission of Direct Support of the 20th Engineers.

(10) 27 Feb 70 1/92 Artillery assumed Pleiku Province as their area of operation. The battalion also assumed operational control of A 3/6 Artillery at Artillery Hill and A 6/14 Artillery at Oasis (ZA 114275). They gained the responsability of maintaining a battalion
tachnical fire direction center and controlled the fired os artillery units located at Artillery Hill in support of Pleiku area defense.

(11) 28 Feb 70 A (-) 3/6 Artillery was released from their mission and moved out of the firebase at Artillery Hill to standdown and prepare for inactivation. A (plt) 3/6 remained in position and was released on 2 Mar 70.

(12) 1 Mar 70, C (plt) 1/92 moved by road from Artillery Hill to Plei Mrong (ZA114671) A (-) 1/92 then returned from Plei Mrong to
Artillery Hill. 1/92 Artillery operations assumed control of AWCC (Artillery Warning Control Center, Tollhouse Hotel) from 3d Bde,
4th Division.

(13) 18 Mar 70, C (-) 1/92d was airlifted from LZ Suzy to LZ Challenge (BR 629208).

(14) 20 Mar 70, C (-) 1/92 moved from LZ
Challenge to LZ Hardtimes (BR 613607) by air and from there to Camp Radcliff, An Khe (BR 465467) by road.

(15) 21 Mar 70 C (-) 1/92 moved by road from Camp Radcliff to Artillery Hill where they went into an intensive maintenence period
prior to redeployment.

(16) 25 Mar 70, two howitzers from C (-) 1/92 at Artillery Hill moved by road to Weigt Davis to replace A (plt) 1/92. A (plt) 1/92 then returned to Artillery Hill. The other two howitzers of C (-) 1/92 at Artillery Hill moved by road to Plei Mrong leaving C (-) 1/92 at that location.

(17) 30 Mar 70, C (plt) 6/14 (2x175mm guns) moved to Weigt Davis from LZ Athena, Kontum (AR 776902) and became OPCON to 1/92
Artillery. Their mission was General Support, priority of fires to the 24th STZ in support of operation Tat Thang 15 in Pleiku and Phu
Bohn Provinces south of Pleiku City.

(18) 31 Mar 70 the 1/92 Artillery displaced a liaison team to LZ St George in support of operation Tat Thang 15.

(19) 3 Apr 70 A (plt) 1/92 moved by road from Artillery Hill to Camp Radcliff enroute to LZ Niagra (BR 522818). Upon closure at Camp
Radcliff, the platoon came under the OPCON of 7/15 Artillery.

(20) With the increased enemy activity in Dak To and Dat Sut Districts around Ben Het and Dak Soang (YB 897405). 1/92 Artillery was alerted to execute Operation Firebird. Redistribution of battalion and group assets resulted in several tactical moves from 3 Apr 70 to 8 Apr 70.

(21) 4 Apr 70 A (plt) 7/13 Artillery moved by road from LZ Action (BR 264[?]70) to Artillery Hill enroute to Plei Mrong.

(22) 5 Apr 70 A (plt) 7/13 moved by road from Artillery Hill to Plei Mrong to replace C (-) 1/92. C (-) 1/92 then moved to Artillery Hill
and remained on alert to move to Tan Canh (ZB 053217), or Dak To II (ZB 014214) as directed 5 Apr 70, 1/92 LMO team returned to Artillery Hill from LZ St George.

(23) 6 Apr 70 A (plt) 1/92 Artillery moved by road from Artillery Hill to LZ Athena in Kontum (AR 706902). 6 Apr 70 C (plt) 6/14
(175mm guns) returned to LZ Athena from Weigt Davis, operational control returned to 6/14 Artillery.

(24) 7 Apr 70 1/92 LMO team and 2 FO teams moved from Artillery Hill to LZ Tango (YB 90[?]336), in support of the 2d ARVN Ranger Group operating against NVA units south of Dak Soang.

(25) 8 Apr 70 C (-) 1/92 moved by road from Artillery Hill to Dak To II. A (plt) 7/13 moved from LZ Action to Plei Mrong leaving A (-) 7/13 at Plei Mrong. C (plt) (8" and 175mm) moved by road from Camp Radcliff to Artillery Hill and became OPCON to 1/92 Artillery. The platoon joined A (-) 1/92 to extend the range capabilities for the Pleiku area defense.

(26) 17 Apr 70 the 1/92 LNO team moved from LZ Tango to LZ Lima (YB 933354) in continued support of the 2d ARVN Ranger Group.

(27) 26 Apr 70 C (plt) 7/15 moved from Artillery Hill To Blackhawk in support of 4th Division Operations south of Blackhawk.

(28) 27 Apr 70 The 1st Battalion 92d Artillery received command inspection by IFFV Artillery. All areas of the battalion were
rated satisfactory.

(d) Significant Firing

(1) While the battalion operated at Tan Canh extensive firing was conducted on sensor targets (Henhouse Targets). From 1 Feb 70 to 2(?) Mar 70 a total of 319 He were expended on 49 activations.

(2) 6 Mar 70 A (plt) 1/92 fired 10 HE, 3WP on a counter mortar mission. Weigt Davis was receiving incoming rounds (AR 8912).

(3) 7 Mar 70 C (plt) 1/92 fired 6 HE and 3 WP in the support ( ??? ) team in contact (ZA 0715).

(4) 8 Mar 70 A (-) 1/92 fired 21 HE in support of Special Forces in contact (ZA 1356).

(5) 19 Mar 70 A (plt) 1/92 fired 26 HE in support of Plei Kha, a village that was receiving a ground assult.

(6) 20 Mar 70 A (-) 1/92 expended 6 HE in support of ARVN patrol in contact near village of Plei Boy (ZA 189639).

(7) 21 Mar 70 A 6/14 (8") fired 14 HE in support of ARVN unit in contact (ZA 208368).

(8) 23 Mar 70 C (plt) 1/92 expended 11 HE in support of SF element in contact.

(9) 27 Mar 70 C (plt) 1/92 fired 30 HE in support of 47th ARVN Regiment taking sniper fire.

(10) 28 Mar 70 C (-) 1/92 and A 6/14 (175mm) fired 30 HE on TOT. On enemy rocket Artillery battalion.

(11) 31 Mar 70 C (-) 1/92 fired 13 HE in support of an ARVP Special Forces unit in contact.

(12) 1 Apr 70 A 1/92 fired 69 HE on 32 targets in support of Pleiku defense and Artillery Hill receiving incoming. 1 Apr 70 A 1/92 expended 24 HE in support of ARVN unit who spotted troops in the open, grid ZA 1755.

(13) 2 Apr 70 A 1/92 expended 10 HE an observed mission on VC in the open at grid ZA 1155.

(14) 3 Apr 70 A 1/92 fired 38 HE in support of 62d Maintenance Battalion who was receiving incoming, at general grid ZA 1853.

(15) 4 Apr 70 A (-) 1/92 fired 8 HE on grid ZA 1053 in support of ARVN unit in contact.

(16) 6 Apr 70 C (plt) 1/92 expended 32 HE in support of ARVN element in contact at AR 9605.

(17) 7 Apr 70 C (plt) 1/92 expended 17 Ill, and 6 HE in support of ARVN element in contact at AR 794194.

(18) 9 Apr 70 A (-) 1/92 expended 1 Ill and 22 HE in suppirt of Artillery Hill and Pleiku defense area taking incoming.

(19) 11 Apr 70 A (-) 7/13 fired 86 HE in support of SF in contact at grid ZA 1468.

(20) 13 Apr 70 C (plt) 1/92 expended 3 Ill, 10 HE in support of ARVN element in contact at grid AR 825214.

(21) 14 Apr 70 C (plt) 7/15 expended 6 HE on troops in bunkers at grid ZA 065448, one bunker destroyed.

(22) 19 Apr 70 B (-) 1/92 expended 33 HE on
bunkers at YB 995143. Bunker complex destroyed and one secondary explosion was observed.

(23) 20 Apr 70 A (-) 1/92 fired 4 HE and C (plt) 7/15 (8") fired 2 HE on a TOT mission at grid ZA 7862. A total of 16 guns both US and ARVN expended 100 rounds on the target. Surveillance revealed oating utensils and debris scattered throughout the area. A (-) 7/13 fired 18 FC on troops in the open, general grid ZA 1068, rounds were on target.

(24) 21 Apr 70 B (-) 1/92 fired 30 HE on enemy bunker at YB 9215, results, 1 secondary 50'X100', orange in color.

(25) 25 Apr 70 C (plt) 1/92 fired 11 HE, 5 Ill in support of ARVN in contact at grid AR 8323.

(26) 28 Apr 70 A (-) 1/92 expended 20 HE and 1 Ill at ZA 2158 in support of ARVN in contact.

(3) Training

(a) Four officers attended IFFV Arty Fire Direction Course. Three officers and 7 enlisted men attended the IFFV Arty FO School.

(b) The battalion continued to provide instrustors and materials for the Vietnam orientation training of all newly assigned personel in 52d Artillery Group.

(c) The following mandatory refresher training was programmed and conducted in accordance with applicable training directives.

(1) Weapons Firing and saftey

(2) Command Information

(3) Character Guidance

(4) Physical Training

(5) Communications Security

(6) First Aid and Emergency Treatment

(7) M-60 Machine Gun

(8) Trip Flares - ( ??? ) Employment

(9) Weapons Zero

(10) Claymore Mines

(11) Defense Against Subversion and Espionage

(12) Civil Affairs

(13) Maintenance of Equipment

(d) The battalion initiated a program of reation tests for Artillery units located at Artillery Hill. These tests have proven highly effective in reducing the respose time in target engagement.

d. Civil Affairs

(1) The 1st Battalion, 92d Artillery continued its participation in the improvement of CIDG Artillery and conducted an active civic action program.

(2) Significent activities in the civic action program are:

(a) 1 Feb 70 to 17 Feb 70 the aid station with the Battalion FWD OP at Tan Canh treated 200 ARVN dependants.

(b) 19 Mar 70 A 6/14 expended 36 HE on defensive targets for Plei Mo, Duc Co, and Plei Djerong.

(c) 23 and 24 Mar 70 C (plt) 1/92 requested a medivac for a Montagnard boy and a woman. The boy was injured while playing with a blasting cap. The woman was injured when she disturbed a M-79 round.

(d) 24 Mar 70 the battalion executive officer instructed the CIDG 105mm platoon at Plei Mrong.

(e) 27 Mar 70 C (-) 1/92 the battery executive officer gave instruction on use of aiming circle and laying of guns to the 105mm CIDG platoon at Plei Mrong.

(f) 2 Apr 70 a Medcap was conducted at the village of Plei Mrong. Provisions were ( ??? ) to include a local Montagnard medic in all future Medcaps. 74 villagers were treated at the local school. Three patients were visited at their houses as they were to sick to move. Plans were made to initiate a ( ?? ) immunization and preventive medicine program.

(g) 9 Apr 70 Medcap at Plei Mrong, 47 billagers were treated.

(h) 10 Apr 70 Medcap Plei Mrong (Yo) 56 villagers were treated.

(i) 13 Apr 70 the Bn Surgeon, S-5, and S-4 visited the dependent housing of the 22d ARVN Ranger Group. 100families were left homeless by enemy attack the night before. Necessary medical supplies were made available.

(j) 13 Apr 70 Medcap to Plei Mrong Forth, 55 villagers were treated. Interprators and local support were provided by ARVN Special Forces.

(k) 23 Apr 70 Medcap to Highland Military Academy in Pleiku, 26 Montagnard students were treated.

(l) 30 Apr 70 Medcap to Highland Military Academy 36 students were treated.

e. Personnel

(1) The total battalion strength at the end of the reporting period was 82.8% of total authortized strength. Officer strength is at 91.8% authorized strength. The battalion is short 3 Lieutenants and 1 Warrant Officer. There is only one critical MOS shortage: 13A, short grades E3/E4-25.

(2) Key personnel changes during the reporting period:

(a) CPT John Stills joined the battalion on reassignment from the 6th Battalion, 14th Artillery on 12 Feb 70, CPT Stills assumed command of Battery B on 14 Feb 70.

(b) CPT Robert Ficock departing commander of battery B left the command on 16 Feb 70 for assignment at Ft Sill, Oklahoma.

(c) 1LT George Overton joined the battalion on reassignment from 62d Artillery Group on 18 Feb 70. 1LT Overton assumed command of service
battery on 19 Feb 70.

(d) CPT Carl Reese departing commander of Service Battery left the command on 19 Feb for reassignment to 52d Artillery Group.

(e) CPT Joseph Sasarak, Asst S-3 departed the command on (?) Mar 70 on reassignment to the Engineer School at Ft Belvoir, Va.

(f) OW2 Martin Hill brand, Meteoratogical Officer departed on 13 Mar 70 for Ft Hood, Texas.

(g) MAJ Richard Biondi assumed duties as S-3 on 28 Mar 70. MAJ Biondi joined the battalion from reassignment at 52d Artillery Group.

(h) MAJ John (?)Barguian(?) departing S-3 was reassigned as 52d Group S-4 on 31 Mar 70.

(3) Personnel in the battalion received a total of 36 combat decorations. This included 2 Bronze Stars for Valor, 16 Bronze Stars for service, one Air Medal 17 Army Comendation Medals.

(4) The battalion had 8 personnel wounded in action and 1 killed in action during the reporting period.

(C) Section 2, Lesson Learned:
Commander's Observations, Evaluations, and Recommandations.

a. Personnel

(1) Preparation of DA Form 41 (Record of Emergency Data).

(a) ( ??? ): with the recent death of a member of this command it became necessary to forward an additional copy of DA Form 41 (Record of Emergency Data) to Department of the Army, because of non receipt of the original form by the Casualty Division.

(b) EVALUATION: Although a copy of DA Form 41 (Record of Emergency Data) is forwarded to Department of the Army immediately upon preparation, there is no definite way that the preparing organization can assure the form actually arrives at the Casuality

(c) RECOMMENDATION: That units consider preparing a true copy of DA Form 41 (Record of Emergency Data) prior to forwarding the 201 file copy to the local finance section.

b. Intelligence: None

c. Operations: None

d. Organization: None

e. Training: None

f. Logistics: None

g. Communications:

(1) Antenna Tie Down Kits

(a) OBSERVATION: Antenna tie down kits for the antenna AT-912/VRC, of the VRC-12 series radios, are sometimes a difficult item to
aquire through normal direct support channels.

(b) EVALUATION: It has been found that links from belted 7.62 M-60 Machine Gun ammunition can be used as a substitute for the above mentioned kits. Several successful tests were conducted with these links and the system also allows the antenna to break away from the tie down should sufficient force be asserted on the antenna.

(c) RECOMMENDATION: That other units consider the use of M60 links, with wire WD-1/TT or rope be used in substitution for the atenna
tie down kits when they cannot be otherwise acquired.

(2) FM Communications

(a) OBSERVATION: FM communications can sometimes be foasible von when line of sight communications are not present.

(b) EVALUATION: Profiles which show that FM communication are impossible because of lack of line of sight have been tested. It has been found that in frequent cases reliable and strong communications shots exist even with the absence of line of sight.

(c) RECOMMENDATION: THAT terrain profiles not be considered as final authority in evaluating FM communications.

h. Material: None

i. Other: None

                      Harvy D. Williams
                      LTC, FA, Commanding

3 Incl
1. Organization
2. Ammunition expenditures
3. Visits by dignitaries

See "Organization Box" at the end of this file.


1st Battalion, 92d Artillery



1. Total Ammunition Expended by Type:
  Btry A Btry B Btry C TOTAL
a High Explosive 8797 10282 9544 28623
b Illumination 197 364 277 838
c White Phospurous 293 584 205 1082
d Smoke 164 82 147 393
e ICN (firecracker) 38 206 73 317
TOTAL 9489 11518 10246 31253

2. Ammunition Expended by Type by Battery:
a Confirmed 814 351 1042 2207
b Aquired 6948 9863 7291 24102
c Counter 229 103 10 342
d Preperation 113 375 409 897
e Interdiction 187 3 133 323
f Special Purpose 1193 772 1359 3324
g Other 5 51 2 58
TOTAL 9489 11518 10246 31253

3. Total rounds fired 1 Feb 70 - 30 Apr 70: 31253



1. GEN Ralph E. Hanines, USARPAC Commander visited the 1st
Battalion 92d Artillery forward command post at Tan Canh on 13
Feb 70. He was briefed by MAJ John Bergman S-3, on 1/92 Mission and operations. He then visited B (plt) 1/92 at FSB 12, Ben

2. COL Frank Hawthorne, DCO IFFV Arty visited the 1/92 on 18
Mar 70. LTC Williams escorted him to Plei Mrong, FSB 6, and Ben
Het where he toured the firebases.

3. MG Charles Brown, DCG IFFV made an orientation visit to 52d Group on 13 Apr 70. He visited 1/92 Operations Section where he was briefed on operation and mission of the 1/92 by MAJ Richard M. Biondi, S-3. He also toured the firebase of A (-) 1/92 at Artillery Hill.

4. COL Charles N. Hall, CO IFFV Arty visited FSB 6, Ben Het and Dak To on 24 Apr 70, where he toured the firebases and complimented the men on their swift and accurate support of operations in the Dak Soang, Ben Het Area.

5. COL Frank Hawthorne, DCO IFFV Arty, visited 1/92 Arty with selected staff members on 27 Apr 70 for a Command Inspection. COL Hawthorne inspected the Battalion arc(?) at Artillery Hill, A Btry (-) 1/92 at Artillery Hill and C Btry (plt) 1/92 at Weigt Davis. All areas of the battalion were rated satisfactory by the inspection team.


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