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Firebases, Fire Support Bases, Recon Support Bases, and
Landing Zones of the Central Highlands of Vietnam; II CTZ.

By David Powell
Last modified 7/7/01

While collecting this information and putting this list together I was concerned about how I would keep it organized so as to be able to add to it and still be able to sort the data contained herein and be able to pull information from it either by name or coordinates. I talked to a number of artillery veterans and depending on whom you talk to, the general "purest" consensus was: If you could drive there it was a Firebase, Recon Support Base or Fire Support Base. If you had to be Airlifted it was a Landing Zone.



I have also talked to a bunch of my fellow Brave Cannons who were on Hill 1338 also known as Firebase 6 and I believe it has the wrong name... under the above criteria I believe it should be called Landing Zone 6 or LZ 6. But this is another area where the normal naming conventions went south in a hand basket. It seems all of the hilltops on which we wrestled Pigs and had a number in their name i.e. 1, 3, 6, 25, 31 alpha, etc. were prefaced by a Firebase or Fire Support Base.

So for the sake of keeping the data pure and not wanting to get into a war of semantics I have eliminated all reference to FB, RSB, FSB and LZ from this list.

Most of the data has been gleaned from the ORLL's of the 1/92nd Field Artillery and or the 52nd Artillery Group records (*). All duplicate entries have been eliminated even if there were differences in the coordinates. In most cases the variances were small and were probably caused by the adjustment of the "Battery Center" or dyslexia in a recorder. This alone narrowed the list from 238 down to 197 entries. This list is by no means complete and there is much to add from the southern portion of our TAOR. Any data obtained from other than 52nd Artillery Group records had to pass a simple test before being included... was the TAOR and basic primary mission (GSR & DSR for II CTZ) for the source the same as ours and was the source primarily a pure Artillery Unit.

No guarantee is given or implied that the 1/92nd Field Artillery occupied all of these locations, although a great number of them were. This list is being supplied as a "work in progress" to be updated as we uncover more coordinates in our record searches and as a service to all Vietnam Veterans whom are looking for the location(s) of where they were while "in country."

FB 1 to FB Jean

FB Joan to FB Yacht

Questions, or comments should be directed to David Powell

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