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Berlin Occupation Duty
to Korean War
1945 to 1950

After being on occupation duty in Berlin for a month the 2d Armored Division was relieved; the 92d started sending high point men home. In January 1946 the Battalion sailed for the States with its mother division and arrived at Camp Hood, Texas on 6 February 1946.

At the end of June 1946 with only Headquarters Baker and Service Batteries still active, the Battalion went to Camp McCoy, Wisconsin as a part of "Task Force Frost." This was to test equipment in the heavy winter weather of the temperate zone. These tests were performed in an outstanding manner on many types of artillery equipment. The Battalion returned to Camp Hood in May 1947 and all men were transferred to the 14th AFA Battalion; thus, putting the Battalion at Zero strength.

In January 1949 the 92d was ordered to full strength and designated the "Organic Medium Artillery Battalion" of the 2nd Armored Division. While stationed at Fort Hood (renamed in 1949) a contest was held to pick a nickname for the Battalion. "Red Devils" was chosen and was very appropriate. "Red" refers to the Artillery's color and "Devils" relates directly to the 2nd Armored Division nickname of "Hell on Wheels." During the Korean War the 92d was one of two medium armored field artillery battalions in Korea.

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