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n getting this on the web site we have made a strong effort to keep the integrity of the reports intact. You may find inaccuracies or complete ommissions in these reports and there is nothing we can do to change them (infact there is the period between August and Octobr of 1968 where no reports can be found at all).

Due to poor originals/poor copies, some of the Reports are hard to read or decipher. In places where we were unable to decern the word(s) or number(s) we either put a (?) or the comment (illegible).

We do hope you find them interesting and informative. If you do have a comment please forward it to jd@bravecannons.org. Thank You.

1/92nd Artillery ORLL's

| Feb-Apr 1967 | May-Jul 1967 | Aug-Oct 1967 | Nov-Jan 1968 |

| Feb-Apr 1968 | May-Jul 1968 | *Aug- Oct 1968 | Nov-Jan 1969 |

| Feb-Apr 1969 | May-Jul 1969 | Aug-Oct 1969 | Nov-Jan 1970 |

| Feb-Apr 1970 | May-Jul 1970 | Aug-Oct 1970 | Nov-Jan 1971 |

| Feb-Apr 1971 |

* No reports for the 1/92d hve been found for this period. The ORLL for 52d Arty Gp has been substituted and has informaton on the 1/92d FA.

1/92nd After Action Reports:

Phu Nhon Relief Operation-1971

Related After Action Reports and ORLL's from other units:

3rd Bn, 8th Inf, 4th Inf Div-21 March 1968 to 2 April 1968-West of Polei Kleng


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