Memorial service for T.C. Miller at Artillery Hill
Killed in Action 1 February 1971


Thomas Craig Miller

7 December 1950 -1 February 1971
Selective Service Number: 12
Date of Vietnam Service: 17 September 1970

By Helene Miller-McBride

Today is Memorial Day, once called Decoration Day, and so it seems fitting that I write about my only son, Thomas, whom we always called T.C. because his father was also named Thomas.
T.C. grew up in a middle class neighborhood, led a normal life, was always healthy, and took pride in his appearance and his health. He went out for cross-country running in High School but.... his love was Baseball! The greatest time of his life was when he was chosen to attend Baseball Camp up in Williamsport, Pa. Whenever he had to write a book report, he wrote about Babe Ruth. His goal was to become a professional ball player.
T's birthday was December 7th and this number was one of the early ones pulled out of the fishbowl in the draft. In the summer following graduation from Pennsauken High School, he knew it wouldn't be long before Uncle Sam got around to him so he took a job with the township in the public works department.
On September 17, 1970, he was assigned to duty in Viet Nam, after training in boot camp at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He was placed in Battery C, 1st Battalion, 92nd Artillery. After 4 months, on February 1, 1971 he was killed as a result of wounds received in action.
T. C. was not one to show his emotions - that would not make him a macho man. Unfortunately, that is not a trait taken from his mother, as this has been difficult to relive on a day when they have sounded "taps."