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The Book

After months of hardwork and dedication, Bo Prehar has finished the book telling the story of the 1/92d FA in Vietnam.

The 'Brave Cannons' Book focuses on our units uniqueness, how it was used, conditions under which its men had to labor, the battles it fought, and the impact on the lives of its cannoneers.

(Cover, back and binding shown)

Those that served in the 1/92d were thrice the soldiers. They had to wrestle six tons of steel through thick and thin to shoot a fire mission night and day, day in and day out. They had to expose themselves to enemy fire while manning their artillery so that their comrades in arms could get their fire support. Finally, they had to act like infantry in order to secure their position, man the perimeter, go out on patrol, and when necessary, slug it out face-to-face with the enemy. It is to these men and to all Kings of Battle that endured such hardships to whom this book is dedicated.

The Book tells our story with chapters on the 155mm Towed Howitzer, the conditions, hazards, stress, and operations and engagements. We were in great demand wherever we went and as a non-divisional unit we had to fend for ourselves and be creative in getting the mission accomplished. Contents of the book are:

  • History of the M114A1
  • Units supported
  • Rounds fired
  • Air and ground moves
  • FO missions
  • Combat stress
  • Eight battles
  • Individual awards for valor
  • Unit awards for valor
  • Working conditions
  • Direct fire
  • Profile of those who served
  • Life after Vietnam
  • Quotes from 1/92 brothers

    Thank you for telling our story Bo. Every member of the 1/92d will want a copy.

How to Get Your Book . . . .

To order your Brave Cannons Book:

  • Each Book is $15.00 plus a First Class postage fee of $2.15 for a total of $17.15.
  • Make out a check or money order for the total amount payable to Bohdan Prehar.
    (example: 1 book=$17.15, 2 books=$34.30, etc.)
  • Print clearly on a separate piece of paper the NAME, FULL ADDRESS (including zip code), your PHONE and E-MAIL ADDRESS .
  • Put the check or money order and the paper with the mailing and contact information into an envelope and mail it to:

  • Bo Prehar
    203 Liz Lane
    Georgetown TX 78628

Please check to see that your mailing informtion and the check are correct as any errors will only cause delay. You should receive your book(s) within two weeks.


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