Reunion 2002

The 1/92nd Field Artillery
Association - Vietnam

Vacaville California

October 8th thru 13th, 2002
The Reunion was a "Great" experience for all and David and Lisa were exceptional hosts. Here we have some of the comments by those who attended and some of the photos that were taken.

I had no idea the 1/92nd Association existed, that it had a website, OR that there was going to be a reunion, until I ran across the website completely by accident just a few weeks before the reunion. I couldn't believe the amount of work that obviously had gone into the website, and it brought back a lot of memories. Still, at first I wasn't sure I wanted to attend the reunion. My work schedule was pretty heavy, and I've moved on and wasn't sure I felt the need to open that door again. Besides, would I really have anything in common with the other guys after all these years? Well, David Powell contacted me and talked me into attending the reunion for at least a couple of days, and I'm glad he did. Had a great time, and David and Lisa did a phenomenal job organizing the week. They really deserve all the praise they've received for it. Funny how things work -- just like I remember the 1/92nd, the guys at the reunion represented a cross-section of America from all different walks of life, backgrounds, and geographical locations. But because of our shared experience in Vietnam, I felt that in some ways I had more in common with them, even the ones I hadn't met before, than the fine people I work with every day! Even though I could only be there for two days, I really enjoyed the BS and photo-sharing sessions in the hotel lobby. I also enjoyed Bo Prehar's very impressive and moving discussion of his book, and will certainly look forward to reading it. I'll also look forward to the next reunion, and certainly hope I'll be able to attend the whole thing. The guys who started the organization and have kept it and the website going really deserve a lot of credit. I hope more 1/92nd veterans will join and take part in the Association. As I looked around the room during the reunion breakfast, I realized that these guys answered the call once when a lot of other people didn't, and that they're the kind of people you could still depend on in time of need. Maybe that's the most important thing we've got in common. I sure think it's one reason to be proud of our service. Hope to see you at the reunion in two years. By that time, maybe I'll remember how an aiming circle works. But probably not.
- James R. Hawley

The 1/92 Reunion Vacaville, CA was a very quaint and friendly town and David and Lisa were the most gracious hosts. I must say that I did not know what to expect when I arrived, after all I did have some reservations about attending the reunion. However, Donna was there to support me as she often is. I was emotionally moved to see so many there and how we all felt as though we knew one and other for years. I guess we really did but never realized it until we were together. A special thanks to: John “Rufus” Conley, Larry Jeffers and James Hughes for being there, it was great seeing you guys again. Donna and I want to thank every one for making us feel so welcome and for making our trip a most memorable one. The only thing that could be better than the “2002” Reunion will be the next Reunion. Lets do it again real soon!
- Tony and Donna Piccari

Reunion 2002 The 2002 Reunion was a resounding success! David and Lisa Powell did an excellent job of planning and being our hosts. The itinerary allowed members to see some of the local sites including a visit to Travis AFB and an afternoon in Napa Valley. David and Lisa even managed to have the weather cooperate as it was just about perfect. There were also some pleasant dinners at various local restaurants and a breakfast followed with a meeting one morning where we took time to discuss the 1/92 Association and the web site. Bo Prehar also gave an introduction to his book on the 1/92d F.A. in Vietnam which was very informative. In between we had plenty of time to renew old acquaintances, share memories, stories, memorabilia, photos and enjoy the fellowship. I want to thank all those who attended for making the 2002 Reunion a memorable one and a special thanks to David and Lisa.
- Jeff ‘JD’ Danielson

It was almost three decades before we were able to watch movies about Vietnam. “We Were Soldiers” left us shaking in our theater seats last summer. So, it surprised me when--after discovering the Brave Cannons Web site--James suggested we go to the reunion. Truthfully, not knowing anyone in the Association, my initial interest in the 500-mile trip from San Diego to Vacaville was the prospect of a welcome break from my hectic schedule and the opportunity for a drive through the California breadbasket country. The planned day trip to Napa Valley was the topper. I had wanted to go there for years. The respite from work did restore me, and the sight of almond and walnut orchards, apricot trees, and the pin-stripe rows of California grapes stretching for miles at a time provided a refreshing contrast to big box stores and back-to-back fast food outlets . Dairy cows, fields of garlic, and trucks loaded with thousands of ripe red tomatoes served as pungent and vivid reminders of how food gets to our tables and stirred up thankfulness in me. Had this been the extent of the benefits, it would have been enough. But there was much more. James was reunited with four of the men he had served with in B Battery from July ’68 until the battle of LZ Vera on November 13 when he was medevac’d out: John Conley, Jeff Danielson, Larry Jeffers, and Anthony Picarri. It was truly enjoyable to meet these men and the wives who accompanied them, along with each of the men who had served in the various batteries of the 1/92nd during the Vietnam War and their family members who attended. It was especially good to have the opportunity to meet and learn about those who have created and sustained the organization since its infancy: Chuck Gall, Jeff Danielson, and our incredible hosts, David and Lisa Powell. Their commitment to documenting the history of this battalion and providing an online meeting place and reunions for all those who served and others who are interested is a testament to the human spirit and the American spirit in particular. those who have created and sustained the organization since its infancy: Chuck Gall, Jeff Danielson, and our incredible hosts, David and Lisa Powell. Their commitment to documenting the history of this battalion and providing an online meeting place and reunions for all those who served and others who are interested is a testament to the human spirit and the American spirit in particular. Bo Prehar’s excellent research on the battalion’s tremendous accomplishments during the Vietnam era was the natural next step to preserve the history, and he was the perfect man for the job. As we sat at a u-shaped grouping of tables draped with white cloths, our appetite satiated by eggs and ham and our attention fixed on him, Bo laid out the story of the unique operation of this field artillery battalion. Unlike other military units in Vietnam, which were augmented by supply groups, motor pools, and all the ancillary units ordinarily supporting a combat operation, Bo told us, the 1/92nd was on its own. And, as his first-person interviews and thorough research of the military record shows, the 1/92nd did it all and broke records in the process. The number of rounds, the speed and accuracy of execution, the skill and professionalism of the men in each area of responsibility …well, you’ll have to get the book for more on this. The October days in Vacaville were sweet and poignant and uplifting, and, yes, you get back to your daily routine and the intensity of the experience fades a bit, but then you get on the phone in search of another one who hasn’t connected with the group. Eureka! You find him in Mississippi—Dwight Barker. Joy! Another piece of the puzzle is in place, and the next reunion will include more of the veterans who made the history that will soon be between the covers of a hardbook book. Thanks for the great time and the opportunity to connect with some great Americans!
- Leigh Hughes

The 1/92nd, in October 2002, held it's 8th Reunion in Vacaville California. This was Lisa and my 2nd reunion and it didn't fail to amaze us how comfortable we were with people we've never met or people not seen in over 30 years. I felt especially grateful this reunion as two more members of my gun section were found and we were afforded the time to work on that great puzzle. Also to see where life has taken us. At first announcement on the website of the reunion, we had over 60 people who wanted to come from all batteries, all years, all ranks. Assorted reasons kept some of them away, and they all expressed sorrow for being unable to attend. Maybe in 2004, hopefully in Washington DC will be the place for us ALL. Brave Cannons
- David and Lisa Powell

The reunion in California was great. It was terrific to see some of the guys that I knew over there and to meet others that were there before and after me. The sharing of old memories with the guys was great. Also for all of you that think all us guys do is sit and tell stories, you will never know what you are missing until you make one of these reunions. Sure we tell stories from the old days, but we all get together and go see places of interest wherever we are at and the wives or girlfriends have as much fun as us guys do. The Powells did a wonderful job of organizing the reunion and would really make great travel or vacation planners.
- Jim and Sharon Foster

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the 2002 Reunion. The best part was the people part. It was great to see some familiar faces from past reunions, and it was also great to see many new faces in the crowd. Everyone I saw was having a good time, and the only regrets may have been expressed by those who missed this wonderful gathering. We had perfect weather for the better part of the reunion. It was a bit on the windy side when we toured Travis AFB, but that outing was so interesting, I don't believe anyone minded too much. The trip to Sacramento and the Old Sacramento area was awesome. Great food and drink, a totally beautiful park, memorials, a tour of the Capital Building, shopping, and more, really filled up the day. Due to a prior family commitment, I was forced to miss the Napa Valley tour, and I'm still sad about that. I was able to imagine part of the tour after I arrived home, when Linda and I enjoyed a bottle of Merlot from Fetzer's Vineyards. Our accommodations were very nice. The hotel itself was very clean, easy to find, and reasonably priced. The staff took very good care of us, and they were very nice as well, even after one of the guests broke a drawer pull on his dresser. We pretty much took over the lobby/sitting area, and the staff was gracious about that. The pool was a relaxing retreat after a hard day of reunioning. Most of all, from the attendees point of view, the entire reunion just fell into place and moved along flawlessly. This was due to all the legwork, and hours and days spent planning, coordinating, and negotiating by our hosts, David and Lisa Powell. I think we all had a great time thanks to the efforts of these two outstanding people. Thanks for a great and memorable reunion.
- Chuck Gall

Please add my thanks to David & Lisa Powell for the outstanding job on the reunion . Also to Chuck Gall and & Jeff Danielson for all the hard work they have done the past years. To all the 1/92nd: Track down your buddies from Nam and tell them about this great organization & web site.
- Larry Jeffers (comment from ‘Postings Page on web site)

I would like to say that the reunion was great and do want to make the next one. A special thanks needs to go to David and Lisa Powell for the well planned and great hospitality they performed at the reunion.
- Rick Cronk

My memories of war and 1/92 were fading fast when this year my wife discovered the Brave Cannons website. I was in country for only five months when we were sent to Firebase Vera, whereupon everything seemed like a dream and I was quickly medivaced out and went back to the good ole USA. I never got to say goodbye or find out what happened to the rest of our unit. I always wondered but had no one to ask.....that is until the 2002 reunion. There I met up with four guys who were in my battery in 1968. We had something special in common, an experience none of us will forget. We were very young, exposed to an enemy trying to kill us, given tremendous responsibility along with dangerous weapons, feeling lonesome and scared in a strange land. So we had a little bonding occur. That's not something you get in the ordinary work-a-day life with people who have no idea what it's like to put your life at risk. The reunion was a lark, and I surprised myself by going; but I'm sure glad I did. There were real men there. I remembered them and they remembered me. We had some conversations about stuff nobody in the world would know or consider interesting except for us. We reminded each other about the places we went, the food we ate, everything about the crappy old days in Vietnam, and how that experience changed our lives. The photos, the friendship, the reconnection to our past life made for a nice time. Sure, the scenery was nice in Napa Valley, but the best views were of my American brothers who served beside me in Vietnam.
- James E. Hughes

Thank you David and Lisa Powell for all you did to make the reunion as great as it was. I would apologize to all there for leaving early and not saying good-bye, but I needed to go. I would like to ask Bo to keep me up on the progress of getting the book out and offer any help I can do to make it happen.
- Bill Harlan (comment from ‘Postings Page on web site)

I would like to say that the reunion was great and do want to make the next one. A special thanks needs to go to David and Lisa Powell for the well planned and great hospitality they performed at the reunion.
- Rick Cronk


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