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My Memories of the 2005 Reunion in Washington DC.

When I told my wife, Susan, that we were going to host the 2005 reunion of my comrades from the 1/92nd from Viet Nam, she looked at me out of the corner of her eye with that "don't you have enough going on in your life?" look. I think that she now understands why we made that commitment last year. The 2005 reunion was a special event in my life and I hope in the lives of all those who attended. Some things in one's life have great intrinsic value that cannot be adequately articulated--the reunion was one of those things.

We started on Sunday afternoon as the attendees started trickling in at our home. Chuck Gall was first, and that seemed appropriate since we are all in his debt for forming our organization. Bby the time the early evening came around, we were grilling hamburgers, looking at each otherrs' old photographs and albums and becoming very comfortable with each other. It was a great evening, I think we all felt very much at home.

Monday we all went to the Pentagon for our private tour. (I should mention that we thank Air Force Colonel Andy Turley, my friend who was unable to join us, but who made our arrangements for us.) Our guide, Army SP-4 Don was a great guide who announced that he very much appreciated our sacrifice in Vietnam, and that we were part of his proud tradition. We thank him for his service! I think the highlight of the tour was the commemorative area that we visited at the location where the airliner struck the Pentagon on September 11th. It was an overwhelming experience. We finished the day with a fun dinner at Famous Dave's Rib Restaurant. We ate an unbelievable amount of food!

The next day we took the tourmobile at Arlington National Cemetary, and visited the Vietnam Memorial, the Korean Memorial and the WW II Memorial. It was hotter than blazes, but it was a most memorable day. There is no way to describe the emotions we felt visiting our nation's great memorials. Look at the pictures on the website, a picture is really worth a thousand words. Dinner that night was in a private room at the Golden Bull restaurant. We all went around in a circle and made comments and observations. It was special, each member expressing heartfelt and special thoughts.

The last day was our tour of the Capitol building. It was a great event to put an exclamation mark at the end of our reunion. It put everything in perspective. The Government that we protected and defended...in action in this building!

I thank all of you who attended, It was our honor and pleasure to help make this happen and we look forward to attending the next reunion.

Best wishes to all.
Johnny and Susan Cahn


Photos contributed by
Johnny Susan Cahn

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