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Story by Frankie E. Porter

Came to rvn September 1969 with C 1/92. We were at Du Co south of Pleiku. Moved north to many LZ's and Fire Bases. Wounded at LZ Swinger. Saw Suger Bear go and many 4th Infantry Division soldiers, wounded at LZ Imposible. As gun chief my gun split to replace breach explosion on FB 6. Was there for many fire missions. Replaced the two gun crews at Ben Het. I was the chief of smoke with Donald Sipes RTO. Some times I laugh at Cpl Keys, and Rusty Greger, Lester Bboughman, Donald Sipes, some of the bumb things we did, and some times I feel great pain when I think of us. I have many pictures, including one of Sebastion Cabot (Frenchie) on LZ Imposible. If I can figure out how to put them on the net I'll share them with you.

PS: I was having a cold one with the Parish boys (FO's B Battery) on Veterans Day/night. They are still crazy. Tthat is how i found you.


Frankie E. Porter also served with B Battery from april '69 to August '69.



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