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My Year in C 1/92nd

John Kerr

I was in C Btry from 9/69 to 9/70. I was a 1Lt and was FDO or XO of either 2 guns or 4 guns. The entire battery was never together during my year because we were "swing btry" for II Corps. I was at many firebases including Kate, DuCo, Weight-Davis, DakTo, Blackhawk, Susie, Welch, Amelia, Arty Hill, Dorie, Challenge, and others. The battalion commanders were LTC Stearns, Stone, and Williams. My battery commanders were Cpt Adam, Rollow, Jones. Lt Mike Smith and I were good friends and were together often. If anyone wants to contact me, I'm "jkerr@kirkwood.edu".

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