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Eldon 'Butch' Burdick

Mike Burdick (Son)

My name is Mike Burdick and my deceased Father was (Butch) Elden L Burdick. I have been trying to find a few buddies who served with my father to just get a little info and maybe a few stories from them. He passed away at age 45 to a heart attack and I never really got to sit down and hear any of his stories. I have a bunch of pics that he brought back from his service. I'm going to attach a few that I thought maybe someone would recognize them and maybe I could get in touch with them. I have talked with Gil Goltz and he believes he served with my father on the B Battery gun 5 but really not much more than that. My Mother told me of a Francis Kregal that served with him but I really don't know if he is allive or anyway of contacting him.

Thank You for all your help!
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Photos below may help jog some memories loose.

Butch is on right

Butch is on right

If you can tell a story or just to share a memory it would be appreciated.
Mikes Email is

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