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Shit Burner Again

by Marvin M. Hourigan

I had the occasion to meet Sp4 Victor O. Cusworth after being assigned to the 1/92nd Artillery, HHB from August 1968 to August 1969. The 1/92nd Artillery HHB barracks and guard towers faced the North perimeter on Artillery Hill. Clearly visible from beyond the perimert for several hundred years were three wooden structures closest to the perimeter wire commonly refered to as the shit houses.


Each building had a specific users. The Officers claimed one, the Enlisted men claimed one, and the third stucture was for the Vietnamese civilians who were employeed as KP's, or jobs they found to do to make a few dollars working for the military.

The title "Shit Burner" was not the type of job the average GI wanted or would volunteer to do. It was usually a job assigned for punishment. In the case of Sp4 Victor O. Cusworth he strangly volunteered for that degrading punishment duty. Everyday you could see him wearing that same diesel stained uniform heading off with his home made metal hook dragging a can of .......(I'm missing something here Marvin)..........
d safe and sound.

I'm sure he quickly got on with his life. I wonder especially now that I'm older and hopefully smarter. Was he smart or was he just careful. Regardless, he could boost that he never pulled guard duty nor was sent on any dangerous missions while he was in Vietnam. He was left alone to do his job for he was that "Shit Burner". I bet he laughed all the way home.


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