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John Dell was a machine gunner with the 1st of the 14th, 4th Infantry Division. I had a chance to view his paintings, and asked if it was alright to display them on our website for a while. Here are John's paintings with a brief explanation in his own words. Enjoy!

Steven Ollerton Webmaster



A Night on the Beach

Digging in the sand. It would just fill up as we tried to dig in the beach sand. The stars dancing in the sky, it was beautiful. The silence was broken, all hell broke out. The M60 firing,, everyone firing, the mortars, the tracers inches from our heads. The flares came from ships somewhere out in the sea. the sky was black, and white, no color. Figures moving. Please let it stop. I wish I could have been a bit of beach sand. I could not push myself deep enough to become one.

The Burn

On arriving at basecamp in Nam, the Sarge said, "Tomorrow I got a job for you two new guys." Thinking maybe it will be stringing barbwire, or setting out claymores, maybe filling sandbags. I was wrong.


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