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These are the tales from the other end of the trajectory. The stories from the men who worked with the forward observers, and called for fire themselves. Although these stories may not be directly related to the 1/92nd FA, they do represent what was happening at the other end of our fire missions.

We would also like to include stories from the men that moved us, whether by air, or ground, and those who worked with 52nd Group, or First Field Forces. All of these people had a part in the 1/92nd's story in Vietnam.

An F.O,s Tale April, 1970. The Siege of Dak Seang is in full swing. Brave men attempt a breakout. Story by Frank DeLong submitted 1/11/02

Paintings by John Dell
More from John Dell
The memories, and emotions of a Machine Gunner from the 4th Inf. Division

Ben Het - March 30 to April 7+
by Archie Stanley - 3/15th Artillery
About FSB 6, Brian Thacker, Ben Het, IOS and ARVN's, supporting fire, Arc Lights and Daisy Cutters.

LZ Vera as told by Lawrence R. Seeley, a Rifleman with A Co., 1 st Bn, 35th Inf, 3rd Brigade, 4th Inf  Division.  
"If it was not for the gallant effort, support, and bravery from the men of Battery B, 1st Bn, 92nd Artillery and God I would not be here to give my account of that night." 
LZ Vera from the 35th Infantry Division Web Site  
LZ Vera from the Infantry point of view.

SFC Rollins (KIA) awarded the
Distinguished Service Cross.

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