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Poem by Sam Ardolino
July 1968 Vietnam

Men are dying here day after day,
No matter what people might think or say.
People who protest are doing wrong,
And thus this war they just prolong.
If protesters were over here,
They would also live in fear.
Here we are, U.S. assistance,
To help along the South’s resistance.
So the war goes on and on,
Until the communists all are gone.
If our troops are fully supported,
Maybe this war can be thwarted.
While our gun ships continue to hover,
“Charlie” moves and seeks more cover.
The enemy plans the moves he makes,
And thus another life he takes.
Night and day artillery rounds roar
To keep “Charlie” running more and more.
Rockets and Mortars come through the sky,
If you’re lucky, you won’t die.
“Charlie” hits us and is thrilled,
When American GI’s are hit and killed.
GI’s here face many ills,
So they take shots and malaria pills.
Convoys move every day,
To resupply troops, wherever they stay.
Here we are on mountain chains,
Dodging heavy monsoon rains.
The U.S. risks a bad depression,
In an effort to stop aggression.
We are in a land of death and disease,
This is the land of the South Vietnamese.
So I ask you, my dear friend
When will this war come to an end?


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