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M1A1 Cannon
Technical Data, Specs

The Army training manual (TM 9-1025-200-12 dated March 1965) Ammunition chapter consists of eleven sections; 1 General, 5 for the M1 & M1A1 Tube and 5 for the M1A2 Tube.  Certain new ammunition cannot be fired in the M1A1 Tube.

Authors Note: As near as I can tell the 1/92nd Artillery used a 155mm Howitzer that utilized a M1A2 Carriage fitted with a M1A1 Cannon Tube. I served with the unit during 1970-71 and Gun 4 of Charlie Battery had a Tube manufactured in 1954 an it was stamped with 'M1A1'. I find it hard to imagine our Battalion using more than one type of Tube for obvious reason; therefore, the date contained herein references the M1A1 Tube.

Ammunition is separate loading, consisting of a Fused Projectile, Propelling Charge (powder charge) and the Primer. Components are shipped separately. Projectile colors and markings are listed on the 'Munitions Page', along with other important information stenciled on each Projectile.
  • Caliber: 155mm or 6.102 inches
  • Type of Breechblock: Stepped Thread, Interrupted Screw
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,850 feet per second
  • Weight of Projectile: 84.80 lbs. (average, varies by type)
  • Weight of Powder: 13.91 lbs.
  • Maximum Range: 14,600 meters (14.6 kilometers)
  • Estimated Life Accuracy: 15,000 rounds
  • Estimated Life Expectancy: 7,500 rounds
  • Rate of Fire, maximum: 4 rounds per min.
  • Rate of Fire, sustained: 1 round per min.
  • Recoil at Maximum Elevation: 41 inches
  • Recoil at Minimum Elevation: 60 inches
  • Weight of Carriage, complete with Cannon: 12,700 lbs.
  • Weight of Trail Spade (ea.): 184 lbs.
  • Weight of Firing Jack Float: 85 lbs.
  • Range of Elevation: 65 degrees
  • Range of Traverse: 48.7 degrees

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