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History of the Fighting 92d

Short History of
1st Battalion, 92d Artillery

Up to 1967 and the forming of Fox Battery


    The 1st Howitzer Battalion, 92d Artillery came into existence thirty years ago when it was constituted on 1 October 1933 in the Regular Army as the (?) Field Artillery. It came into actual existence on 1 January 1942 when it was redesignated as the 92d Armored Field Artillery assigned to the 2d Armored Division known as 'HELL' on Wheels and activated on 8 January 1942 at Fort Benning, Georgia.

    Upon completion of training the battalion deployed to North Africa and in 1943 participated in the assault landing in Sicily and fought as part of General Patton's Fifth Army on its sweep west through the island. The battalion then participated in the Normandy Invasion entering France over Omaha Beach and provided fire support for the breakout from the beachead at St. Lo. For these action the 'Fighting 92d' was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. The 'Red Devils' as it was first referred to by General Patton's, then supported through Northern France including the Fallais Pocket and the race to the Rhine.

    During the Battle of the Bulge, the nit was hastily thrown into action on the northern shoulder of Hitler's last major offensive and made a major contribution to halting the attack in that area. For its action in Belgium prior to and during the battle, the 'Fighting 92d' was twice cited by the Belgian Army and awarded the Bolfian Fourragior. In the spring of 1945 the 'Red Devil' battalion was one of the first artillery units to cross the Rhine River and acommpanied the spearhead in the encirclment of the Rhur Pocket, the last major battle of the war.

    In all, the 'Fighting 92d' participated in eleven major campaigns of World War II.

    The battalion returned to the United States with the 'Hell on Wheels' Division and was garrisoned at Fort Hood, Texas.

    With the start of the Korean War in 1950, the 'Red Devils' were detached from the 2nd Armored and deployed to Korea as a separate battalion. They entered combat there as part of the Inchon Invasion in September and later participated in the X Corps landings and fighting in the vicinity of Hungman and Homhung in northern Korea. For these actions the unit was awarded the Korean Presidential Unit Citation.

    After the withdrawal from North Korea, the 'Fighting 92d' provided fire support in the I and IX Corps sectors of western Korea util the end of the conflict in 1953. During that war, the 'Red Devils' participated in ten campaigns.

    In 1955 the battalion was inactivated in Japan.

    On 31 March 1958, the 92nd Armored Field Artillery battalion was redesignated the 92d Artillery under the Combat Arms Regimental system and was activated for the second time Europe on 25 June 1958 thus giving us our present organization date.

    The battalion returned from Germany in October of 1959 and was a stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C. until 12 February 1967 when the main body departed by air to Oakland Calif. It departed Oakland aboard the U.S.N.S. Gen W.H. Gordon on 13 February 1967. They finally arrived at Pleiku, Viet Nam on 11 March after a long but uneventful voyage. The advanced party, consisted of the battalion commander and 24 other officers and men the 'Red Devil' battalion departed Fort Bragg the 21st of February aboard an airforce C130 arriving at Pleiku the 26 of February. They then made preparations of the base camp for the arrival of the main body.

    The original activation date of January 1942 makes the 'Fighting 92nd the youngest of the army's 57 artillery regiments. Despite being 21 years younger than the next oldest artillery regiment the 'Fightning 92nd' stands eleventh on the list of the 57 artillery regiments in the number of battle streamers won. It has earned 17 battle streamers in its comparitively short history.

    On 10 April the 'Fighting 92nd' welcomed a new battery to its battalion, the battery was designated as Fox Battery of 1st Howitzer Battalion 92nd Artillery.



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