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by Arthur G. Sharp

Available on line, at book stores and in Hard & Soft Cover, Nook & Kindle format


Arthur G. Sharp is the author of numerous articles and serves as editor of the First Marine Division's quarterly magazine. He lives near Hartford, Connecticut.

You can contact him via e-mail or phone. or phone 860-202-3088


In the fall of 1969, a force of 150 Americans and their South Vietnamese allies were surrounded by 5,000 North Vietnamese Army soldiers. This is the story of their desperate defense and against-all-odds escape.

• Details on the Americans' harrowing escape, which covered 2.5 miles of enemy-infested ground in five hours in the dark of night.

• Explains how the Americans were placed in this precarious position mere miles from the Cambodian border.

• What this battle says about President Richard Nixon's Vietnamization policy

How to Get Your Book . . . .


  • Available at Barnes & Noble, and Stackpole Books. Available in Hard and Soft Cover and for Nook & Kindle.
  • Barnes & Noble on line had the prices at $18.75 for Hard Cover and $13.99 for Nook.

Brothers, there is a new book out that deal with the unbelievable conditions the men were subjected to while they were on LZ Kate. The Author paints a very vivid picture of what life was like for the men on Kate. The book covers everything from Day 1 to the Escape and Evasion of Kate at the end of October 1969. It s an excellent read and you needn't have been there to be really touched by this book. - Dick Pederson

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