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Happy the 92nd Was There

by Alfred Gerstenschlager

I was instructed to join the 92ndAFA at Ft Hood In July 1950.I landed at Inchon on 18/09/50. I left 18/08/51.

I have many memories of Korea.The greatest unit, the best leadership that is my memories. I am so happy to hear that the great traditions carried on with you-all.

Ray Gafflin wrote you about being a member in Bad Kissingen, Germany. I was there I was the person who had the knowledge of the unit crest,etc. I won't blow my horn to much, Ray was a proud member but neglected to tell you that the 92ndAFA 1st Battalion was awarded the Distintive Unit Citation for posting the 1st every 100% score on (ATT) Army training test.

I'm very proud of our unit an all of you. I taught JROTC for 27yrs after 21 years of active service. If Ray should read this (I am the one who had the German Shepard,the longest name in the unit and may still hold that distintion. they called me Murphy not Gerstenschlager). 

Alfred (Murphy) Gerstenschlager


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