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The Water Blivot

by Ralph A Calhoun Jr.

I know JD remembers LZ Bunker Hill. We didn't stay there very long but the place will be remembered in my mind forever. Our FDO must have thought we were going to stay perminently because it seemed that we just kept adding to this bunker, I really think it was big enough to house most of the Btry.

Well it was a warm day in March and a chopper just left with our water trailer, taking it back to Polei Kleng to refill it for us. Normally about a 45 minute to 1 hour job. However, as fate would have it the pilot thought the trailer was on the ground and released it while it was still in the air. I've heard different stories from 25 to 50 feet in the air. Needless to say B btry no longer owned a water trailer. That's when the real comedy began.


You can't just ask for a new trailer, it wasn't destroyed by the enemy, so we had to go through the proper channels as the military called it. We waited for three days without water. Every day we would ask and every day we were told no water today. On the fourth day we asked and was told "YES" we were getting water today. Someone, somewhere, had found us a water blivot. For those of you that have not had the pleasure of dealing with one I'll try to describe it for you. It is made out of elephant hide and looks like the front wheel on a steam roller used to flatten out blacktop on a road. It held about 500 gallons of water and probably weighed 3500 to 4000 pounds.

What a releif though we were getting water. Everything seemed to be going great. the chopper was on approach, someone popped a smoke gernade and there it was our very own water blivot. Only one problem, this pilot wasn't any better than the other. He had it about 2 feet off the ground when he released it. Well it seemed to bounce a couple of times, just a little then it started too roll. Yes it rolled and rolled and rolled. It rolled right off the hill and into the jungle. The hill was to steep to try and hump the water back up so they decided to just destroy the blivot which created another problem. 45 and m-16's would just bounce off because the hide would give enough. I don't remember how they destroyed it maybe JD could throw some light on it. I just know it looked like Old Faithful when it did go.

Two days later we got another water trailer and everything got back to normal. I learned one valuable lesson every time that water trailer was leaving I filled anything I could find to hold water, and never just took it for granted again !!!!!

Ralph Calhoun Jr


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