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SP4 Albert Morton Nordquist

by Perry Brent Roose

I was a part of the unit move from Ft. Bragg via USS Gordon to Artillery Hill. Wounded in June of 1967, I got out in August. The story that follows was reported in the T.O.C. bunker by me while the story was in progress. From Johnson AFB in Japan I wrote the details and sent them to my immediaate E-7 Sgt. (Ino longer recall his name). In October 1967 I wrote my congressman, Delbert latta of Ohio, trying to get some recognition for a very brave soldier. No Luck. It took me 20 years to locate Al Nordquist to thank him personally. In 1993, I tried one last time with Congressman Paul Gilmore of Ohio to get Al Nordquist recognized for his actions. Again, no such luck. The Army said the deadline for any such recognition was October 1975. I'm grateful for the internet and the 1/92 forum. Maybe some of you will read this and realize Al Norquist was quite a soldier. My kids and grandkids do! Brent Roose


SP4 Albert Morton Nordquist - US52640322 - MOS 84C20

Unit: HQ Battery, 1/92D Artillery Bn, 52D Artillery Group Location: Artillery Hill, Pleiku, Republic of Vietnam.

Date: Evening of 09 June 1967 - Early morning hours 10 June 1967

Enemy Action: Ground assault on HQ Bty position supported by mortor, rocket propelled grenade and small arms fire.

Gist: SP4 Nordquist repeatedly exposed himself to intense hostile fire in order to rescue wounded comrades and to shore up his unit's defensive perimeter. SP4 Nordquist did:

1. Rescue SP4 Perry Roose who was wounded and incapacitated in an exposed position. Disregarding his own welfare, SP4 Nordquist exposed himself to hostile groundfire by going to SP4 Roose's aid in fully exposed terrain and, after treating his wound, carried SP4 Roose across open terrain back to a safe position and medical treatment.

2. SP4 Nordquist, after rescuing SP4 Roose, once again exposed himself, with total disregard for his own safety and welfare, to rescue another wounded soldier stranded in open terrain.

3. SP4 Nordquist then once again exposed himself to hostile ground fire over open terrain to come to the assistance of an M-60 machine gun position on his unit's defensive perimeter. Enemy forces were threatening a breach in the concertina wire when the M60 machine gun malfunctioned. Nordquist, for the fourth time, disregarded his own safety, crossed exposed terrain under hostile fire and returned to his unit's perimeter defensive forward position with a replacement M60 machine gun.

4. After ensuring that his unit's defensive perimeter was intact, SP4 Nordquist once again crossed exposed terrain and manned a defensive bunker where he continued to help repulse enemy ground attacks throughout the night.

Eyewitness: SP4 Perry B. Roose US52649804

Thanks, Brent Roose

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