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Funny Mad Minute

by Steve Walker

We served at DAK TO in 69 & 70 with HHB this is one of the good times.


Bobby and I were working the switchboard one night at Dak To and you might say that we had had a drink or two.

Around 10 or 11 pm opps call and told us to let the bunker line know that we were going to have a mad min and anyone who was there knows what a mad min. is. For those who don't know that is when everything on the bunker line opens up. So Bobby and I thought that it would be kind of funny if we grabbed our war gear and wake E RAY AUSTIN up and tell him we were getting over ran. So just as the mad min. started we ran up to Rays bunker and started yelling that we were being hit. Ray ran out of his bunker with nothing but his steel pot flack vest boxer shorts and boots and his rifle and headed to the bunker line. Needless to say Bobby and I couldn't stop laughing long enough to stop him and when he found out what was going on well I don't think I can put what he called us in here. It took about a week before all the guys stopped laughing and a little longer for ray to talk to us again.

I was really glad to see Ray again after all those years thanks to this web site and some of the people who helped me to get in touch with him again.

Thanks guys for being there.

Steve Walker


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