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Ollies Excellent Adventure

I always like to show these two pictures side-by-side. The one on the left was taken in Honolulu in late November of '69. I was on my way to Vietnam. The other picture is that same boy four months later, recovering from a fever of unknown origin (FUO.) It was Saturday, and the next thing I knew it was Tuesday. I am out at Plie M'Rong, and I still remember that sign in the background said "Tri Le The Loi" although I don't remember all the accent marks or anything. Funny what sticks in your mind after thirty years.


I carefully labled this picture Buddist Temple, Me Lat Valley. The problem is, I don't remember where the Me Lat Valley is, although I think it was towards the coast. Whether it was on QL19 before it joined Hwy.1, or on Hwy.1 up towards Phu Cat remains a mystery to me. Anyone that knows, please e-mail me at ollie1019@aol.com/ I would really like to know where I was. The things you forget after thirty years!





This is Charlie Battery on convoy somewhere north of An Khe. We were headed towards a firebase named Emelia, and a couple of the major bridges were blown; not a good sign! We made this trip twice for whatever reason. From FB Emelia, we airlifted to an LZ Armageddon. If anybody knows where these two places are exactly, I sure would like to know.







Not the best picture I ever took, but these Sky Raiders (we called them Spads) put on quite an air show over Duc Co coming back from a mission one day. A Special Forces Sergeant described Duc Co as the "a__hole of Viet Nam." I think he was given to understatement, so any diversion like these planes was really appreciated.





This is a 175mm gun out at Ben Het. This picture was taken by Jay Livesay. When I was a new guy on my first firebase at Duc Lap a 175mm fired for us while I was on pit guard about my third night. I had already had two full days of rockets, and sniping, and now a nice quiet night had just erupted into flame and noise like I had never heard. I got on the phone to HQ, and the battery recorder told me that was Beatrice, about ten miles to the east of us. The old hands rather liked having Beatrice around, and I got used to it after awhile.




This was a little, fake Christmas tree my mother sent to me around the 1st of December, 1970. She sent it with all these little decorations, and tinsel. The guys went nuts over that little tree. Every day they would decorate, and redecorate it. It was a little piece of home, and they couldn't get enough of it. I headed for home the day after Christmas, and everyone of the guys told me to thank my mother for the tree. It was hard to leave those guys, but I did.




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