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Tell your story - It's important

Everyone has at least one story and every story adds to the overall rich history of the 1/92d FA.

Eventually this website will be copyrighted which means two copies will be held at the Library of Congress for future generations including our Grandchildren.

We belonged to a unique organization and deserve to have our story told. Because of the lack of, or incorrect information in the ORLL's and other documents, it is important that we as individuals tell it like it was.

We need to hear stories from Privates, to Colonel's, about bugs to bombs, mud & dust, combat to R & R, Basecamp and bunkers, Firebases to Fire Missions. All of the experiences you had help fill out the overall story of the 1/92d FA.

To submit a story you can type it in a simple format such as MS Word, Word Pad or similar and email it to me with attached photos, documents, diagrams or similar if you have them. Email it to


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