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Please provide as much information as you can along with the photo(s).

Last Update 29-Oct-2015

Steve Ollerton started this page just prior to his untimely death on 3/25/2002. We have reactivated it due to some recent photos sent to us for identification.
Almost all of us have pictures from our time in the 1/92nd. As we look at them we see unfamiliar faces, or faces we know but lost through the fog of time. This page is dedicated to putting the names to those pictures. If you have pictures that you just can't recall the names, send them to webmaster, and they will be posted here so we might that we might match them to a name.

UPDATE:The older gentleman's name is 1st SGT O’Mary and was identified by two separae sources. He was the Operations Sgt. The younger guy was a radio operator in the TOC. I worked in the TOC with them but recalling names is getting difficult.
Submitted by David Jones.
Do you know these persons ???

Photo taken January 1970 in the Battalion Rear TOC on Artillery Hill. The older man was the operations sergeant and his name and rank was 1st SGT O’Mary, the young man was new to the Battalion and had just started working in the TOC. I gave the young man a tour of Artillery Hill just before I left for Cam Rahn Bay and home. I believe I may have given him my mini-refrigerator and he took over the 2 man room I vacated in the hooch.

If you know something about these persons please contact Mike Swasta at mswasta@stny.rr.com

Do you know name of person on Left? Or confirm person in center? Photo taken of C Batery members in '69 sometime after March. If you recognize them email names to me and I'll forward the info.

UPDATE: Person on right is Thomas Palmer III. Three members identified the person in the center to be James F. McKee. Doug Daigle is on the left He was actually on Gun 3 and he went to Phu Nhon with the platoon.
Thanks to all for the help.

Sgt. Richard Fields

Richard Fields
served with the 1/92nd from 11/68 to 10/69

If you served with or remember Richard, his family would
like to hear from you. He, unfortunatly, passed away 11/93.
You may reach his wife, Betty Jo, or the Webmaster for
Brave Cannons. They would like to know a little about his
service in Vietnam.

Sgt. Fields (rt.) with friends

Contact webmaster with Informaton

These are from Charlie Battery
This picture was taken on Artillery Hill mid to late 1970.
We do not think that he served on the guns.

He joined the unit in late '70-early '71. He was with another
artillery unit that stood down. He carried a movie camera,
and filmed fire missions.He was on gun five in early 1971.

Contact webmaster with Informaton

These are From Bravo Battery

These two pictures are from Don Cline. Don served from 11/68 to 05/69 Don served on FB 25, and FB 6.
Are any of these faces familiar?

Contact Webmaster with information.

The person kneeling at far left is Danny Ford. The soldier in the second row, third from left (4th soldier has arm around him), is thought to be Sgt. Eugene (Gene) Wager, Jan '68 - Feb '69. Soldier with mustache back row is thought to be Walker and kneeling bottom right could be named 'Knotts' or possibly 'Pops'. Picture taken at Base Camp, Pleiku. His sister emailed me and her and Gene himself made the identification. JD-webmaster

The following four photos were submitted by Denny Moss. See if you can identify the unknowns. Contact the webmaster if you can.

L to R - Unknown attended Iowa State - Mark Middleton

L to R - Henderson S-3 - Unknown - Archer


SP4 Paul S. Austin, FDC section, at The Siege at Phu Nhon, March 1971.

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