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The 1/92nd unit history is a work in progress. Historical documents and information keep surfacing.
If you have a contribution to make to the Unit History section, please contact the webmaster.

We are grateful to the members who have contributed to this section and are thankful for the research and time involved.

WW II Photo
A Chronology of the 1/92d Artillery from 1933 to Desert Storm

ORLL Documents
Operational Reports-Lessons Learned

Documents in three month periods.

Lt. Thacker
Lt. Thacker interview/
Pritzker Military Library

Medal of Honor

Unit Awards, Decorations
and Campaigns

WWII thru
Gulf War

Daily Logs
Daily Staff Journals/Duty Officers Logs

Not many but they are interesting.

Stars & Stripes Article
Artilleryman Plucked From Besieged FB

Rescue of Lt. Brian Thacker

Presidential Unit Citation
B Battery at
Dak To - 1967

From Citation, Reports & Typhoon Articles.
After Action Reports
After Action Reports

Only a couple but gives a good example.

POW/MIA Philip Terrill

The tragic story of one of our own.

Siege of Phu Nhon
including LZ's Weigh Davis and T.C.Miller

SP 4 Parrish's DFC Award

'TC' Miller's Memorial & Text
Battle at LZ Vera 11/13/68

The battle, Awards and report from 35th Infantry Regiment.

C Btry Vietnamese Unit Award

C Btry Valorous Unit Award

For close-in support at Phu Nhon
1st BN 92d FA at Ben Het
May - June of 1969

Story includes Valorious Service Award and individual Awards.
1/92 FA 1966 March Orders

Ft. Bragg to
Permanent Change of Station

1967 Typhoon Article

"Gift of Soap Saves Lives"

The Battle of LZ Kate

Compiled from Reports, News Articles and Personal Stories.

1/92d Officer Roster

1 DEC 1967

Stars & Stripes
LZ Hambone

Lucky Break

Christmas Meal Card, Menu and Prayer Christmas 1967

The History of 'Our Crest' and how it got that way

TYPHOON Article April 1968

Masters of Mobility
Booklet1970's Era Booklet - Handout for New Members with Lineage, Honors, Personal Assistance & Information.
Very Interesting.
1/92d FA and 'Red Devils' since 1949.
Follow the variations/uses of the name and patch.
TYPHOON Article on FSB 6 August 1969 and Bravo Battery.

Several Page Spread.
-Short History of 1/92d + F Btry

-F Troop Orders Extract

-F Btry Table of Distribution

All the men and equipment shipped over on the USNS Gordon, except for an advance party that arrived prior to the Gordon by plane.

The Battles of Bu Prang, Duc Lap & Ben Het.

Charlie Battery Article in 1970 TYPHOON

The 1964 Menu for Thanksgiving Dinner, at Ft. Bragg North Carolina for the 1st 92d.


A short insight into the Montagnards and their way of life.

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